Flexible and completely modular automatic system

Flexcoat01-A is a flexible and module-based automatic system.

It is possible to manage up to 12 guns, both automatic and manual.

Every module controls and displays clearly all the electric and pneumatic parameters of the specifically associated gun.

It is a very complete and compact system, easy to install and to extend.
Easy to interface with already existing reciprocators and optic reading barriers.

Available expansion modules:

  • Reciprocators control module
  • Shape reading module
  • Powder Center control module

External connections:

  • n°1 inlet for compressed air
  • n°1 power cable 115/230Vac
  • n°1 cable for conveyor synchronization (for the simultaneous activation of the guns)


  • n°1 synchronization cable for each controller (for the separate start of each gun)

Every controller is numbered in a clear and visible way in order to quickly set the specifically associated gun.

All the electric and pneumatic parameters are easy to modify and display.

The TEST switch allows to switch on the single gun associated to it.

Control unit
Modular automatic system