Automatic tribo coating gun MATG018

Automatic tribo powder coating gun with multiple outputs

In tribo charging, the powder particles are charged by causing them to rub at a high velocity on a surface and thereby, transferring the charge.

Without an external power supply and a charging field in front of the gun, tribo charging virtually eliminates the problem of “faraday cage effect”.

The powder particles take on a positive charge inside the gun due to the loss of electrons. The particles are now free to be directed to where they are needed.

The powder flows into recessed and difficult-to-reach areas by nozzle direction and air flow. Because the particles are charged in the gun and there are no lines of force, it is less likely that the powder particles will build up on the leading edge of the part being coated.

The advantage to this is the near elimination of “fatty edges” resulting in a uniform coating and even film build on the product.

Automatic Tribo powder coating gun multiple outputs