Solution to rationalize the dust path and work in a less polluted environment

The Color Powder Center Tecnocoating is the best solution to make the dust way easy and the work place less polluted. Through Tecnocoating Color Powder Center, spray guns draw directly from the fluidified tank or from the open box.

Tecnocoating Color Powder Center main feature is quick automatic cleaning of dust way; pumps, powder pumps and inner part of spray guns. This operation offers two advantages, like a better cleaning than the manual operation, and very short achievement time.

A complete cleaning time is achieved from 20 to 40 seconds, according to the kind of dust.

The lack of dusts is signalled both acoustically and visually, through an ATEX level probe, which is a part of the machine set.

Another important feature of the machine program is to have leading and control functions of the dust recovery peristaltic valve, and to set the pause and work time , according to the demands. The pneumatic board must be ordered , since it is not included in the standard supplying of the powder center.

After the recovery phase, the cleaning of recovery pipe is achieved in a simple quick way.
The power consumption is zero , since no motor is used for the intake of exceeding dust. In fact, the machine is linked to the final filter through pipes 240mm diameter.

The pneumatic partialization shutter gate, which is assembled on the chimney, permits to manage the different cycles in the best way; the shutter gate will be almost closed while working, and it will be open while cleaning the walls and the attachments of the powder center.

Touch Screen

Through the coloured touchscreen it is possible to operate all the working and cleaning cycles of the machine. The software already includes the peristaltic management program.

Color powder mix center with touch screen
Color powder mix center
  • Clean working area

  • No polluting elements

  • The colour changes are quick and efficient