Emitter and receiver detection system for the product

The vertical detection system makes the management of reciprocators and coating guns fully automated so that not only operators can gain a lot of time but it is also possible to make savings relating to the consumption goods used during the process, the powder, the wearing-out of the gun spare parts, etc…

The detection system is made of a reading bar, an emitter and a transmitter with a 10 mm resolution that display the height and length of the part to be coated. The part is put at the entrance of the booth. Everything is managed by a PLC processing the image and transmitting the data to the reciprocators that will then adjust the right stroke in order to get the best finish.

Apart from adjusting the strokes, the system also manages the speed of reciprocators which is calculated according to the height of the part, the speed of the chain and the number of guns used for finishing, making the product applied on the part completely homogeneous.

The stroke values can be increased or reduced according to the image displayed by the bars simply by setting a positive value, in order to have more stroke both above and beneath the part with two values that must always be independent from each other. The setting of a negative figure would reduce the reciprocators’ excursion. Speed can be adjusted by the operator as needed by setting a correcting value compliant to the calibration standards.

The detection system always manages automatically the switching on and off of the coating guns which will open when the part arrives and will close after its passage. Guns too can be managed sooner or later with respect to the coming and going of the part always through the setting of a positive or negative value that must always be independent from each other and that can also differ from one gun to the other. All of the setting shares are expressed in centimetres and can be easily programmed. Once the calibration has been done the system remains fully independent because these calibrations must be made only when the equipment is operated.

The same applies to an optional horizontal bar, laid on the floor in order to detect the width profile and also to ad just the distance of the reciprocators from the part through the motorized bases.

  • Distance between receiving-transmitting bars (min – max): 320 mm – 5 m
  • Photocell minimum distance (reading precision): 20 mm

  • Maximum bar height: 3,140 mm