Systems for the horizontal movement of the reciprocators

Tecnocoating TRANSLATORS are the best solution for horizontal handling of Reciprocators and the spray-gun arm of the painting automatic installations, either with thermo-hardening dust or paints.

TO TRANSLATORS work to move forward and backward the Reciprocator and the spray-gun arm to paint the piece. In fact, when you have different depth profiles, you have to move all the Reciprocator or the spray-gun arm by manual handling, and this implies a waste of time and the risk of wrongly aligning the arm to your profile. It is possible to motorize the Reciprocator through the Tecnocoating Translator by simply pressing a selector shifting the machine towards the chosen direction. You can just do it at the control board or at the branching panel, which is included in the machine equipment, provided with a connecting cable in order to put it in a place where you have a good view on the painting surface (e.g. the area of manual retouch).

In this way, you can control all operations without moving from your site and be sure the spray guns are always aligned to the cabin.