EC15 Control unit

Control unit equipped with DPS patented system and touch panel for fine adjustments

The EC15 control unit is equipped with the patented DPS (Deep Penetration System) system which guarantees a high penetration in the crevices and hidden corners and also allows a drastic reduction of the Faraday cage.

High efficiency of transfer and distension of the powder on the particular to be covered are the winning features of this system.

The auto output voltage, adjusted according to the gun distance from the piece, ensures perfect penetration avoiding the “orange peel” effect.

All the electric and pneumatic adjustments can be carried out in a very fine way, both through the digital knobs and through the dedicated pushbuttons.

The delivery control takes place through proportional valves at low pressure to minimize the speed of dust output, which in this way has more time to adhere to the piece ensuring greater uniformity and speed of coverage.

The presence of 4 pre-set programs and the possibility to memorize up to 99, make the transition between the various types of application very fast.

The pipes and the gun are cleaned with the push of a button.

Electric power 115-230 Vac – 50-60 Hz
Input power 30 Watt
Max input pressure 3,5 Bar
Max air consumption 300 lt/min
Output air flow regulation 0 – 100 l/min at 3,5 bar
Weight 5,5 kg
Dimensions (LxPxH)

253x300x153 mm

Digital control units with soft touch controls