Powder coating of pipes for the construction of water and gas pipelines

In this case it has been provided to different costumers a complete installation turnkey to varnishing pipes of different diameters for the realization of idrich and gas conduits.

The plumbings consists in a shot blasting for the removal of working sludges, handling, inductor for preheating to 180° C of pipes, the spray booth and its relative aspiration system, spraying guns, water refreshing and automatic exhaust.

To notice that in this application the pipes enter into the cabine at the temperature about 180°C producing also oily evaporations. So guns are working in a difficult environment.

Speed production depends to the diameter pipes:

Pipe Dmin= 1/2″         Max speed: 20 mt/min
Pipe Dmax= 8″            Max speed: 3 mt/min

Employees used: 1 unit


n° 1 shot blasting
n° 1 inductor
n° 1 cabin and its relative con cyclone and filter n° 4 automatic guns mod. AIG103-A
n° 4 control unit mod. EC15
n° 1 exhaust and handling system