ELC03 control unit

Control unit with patented DPS system and potentiometers for electrical parameters

The ELC03 control unit is equipped with the patented Deep Penetration System which guarantees a high level of penetration in every nook and cranny with a meaningful reduction of the Faraday cage.

The key feature of this system is its great effectiveness in transferring and spreading the powder all over the part to be coated.

The output voltage is automatically regulated according to the distance between the gun and the part thus guaranteeing a flawless penetration without any “orange peel” effect.

The regulation of pneumatic parameters (powder and pulverization air) is made through two pressure micro-regulators.

The adjustment of electric parameters is made through two separate potentiometers regulating uA Current/Kv Voltage.
User-friendly graphics help choosing among the 4 recipes according to the kind of part to be coated, anyhow the operator is free to make quick and slight changes in order to always get the best setting for any kind of desired finish.

Thanks to the current regulating handle (uA), the operator can set the voltage reduction speed according to the distance of the part in order to have a more powerful application at bigger distances and a softer one at shorter distances.

Electric power 115-230 Vac – 50-60 Hz
Input power 30 Watt
Max input power 6 Bar
Max air consumption 300 lt/min
Electric outputs 12Vcc at 30mA – 1V at 6mA – 2V at 6mA – 24V at 20mA
Output air flow regulation 0 – 4 bar
Weight – kg
Dimensions (LxPxH) – mm
Analogic control unit
Detail of control unit

Detail of the potentiometers for the regulation of the electrical parameters.